Generic Viagra Online - Best Oral Medication For ED!

Impotency is one of the most widely spread diseases in these latter days. But luckily it answers to treatment. There is no need to go under knife because nowadays erectile dysfunction answers the pharmaceutical treatment with Viagra. This drug is a real breakthrough in the sphere of power loss medication. It really simplified life of men suffering from power loss.

The invention of Viagra was accidental - firstly it was intended to be the medicine for cardio vascular diseases medication. But in the course of pharmaceutical research it was proved that its main active ingredient, Sildenafil, improves blood circulation to genital organs but not to muscle of the heart. From then onward Viagra is probably the only remedy, prescribed by doctors for erectile dysfunction curing. Besides, now this medicine is offered on sale at any pharmacy, so you can purchase Viagra online with no hassle.

Viagra conduces to the appearance of erection as a result of sexual stimulation. This drug is widely used by men suffering from impotency and those who cannot achieve erection for some reason or other. Except brand Viagra, one can take Generic Viagra, the medicine which contains the same active ingredient but its price is lower. Nevertheless it is absolutely safe and certified; lower price can be explained by the fact that company which produces it is not so well-known.

There are several variants of Viagra dosage - 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg. Drug should be taken no more than once per day. Your dosage should be prescribed by the specialist individually. More often than not, it is better to start from the minimal one and only then to increase it, in case you feel that it doesn't act. Viagra should be taken on an empty stomach because in a combination with fat food you will wait for the drug action hour upon hour. One more rule of taking Viagra is that it is incompatible with alcoholic beverages.

If you doubt concerning the action of this drug you can use Viagra free trial - a bulk of pharmacies have such a proposition, which enables patients to test it. This is a very profitable proposition, which gives a fair opportunity to know firsthand how Viagra acts on your organism and Viagra coupon is a good chance to save money. The drug action is approximately 6 hours and you can feel erection in 40 minutes after taking.

On grounds that sexual activity is a risk for heart, before starting medication, patients having loss of sexual power should exclude the variant of having cardio vascular diseases. The active substance of the drug has vasodilatory action which comes out in short-term arterial blood pressure loss. That's why before you start taking Viagra you should bear in mind this fact.

Viagra vs. Levitra is more popular and well known medicine which received a bulk of positive reviews from the patients. The amount of adverse effects is inconspicuous and happens only in case of overdosing. Sometimes patients can feel headache, rhinitis, dizziness or back pain.

Effectiveness and safety of taking Viagra together with the other medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment wasn't investigated. That is why such combinations should be avoided.